Blokepedia: Enhancing Men’s Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Blokepedia was started as a blog site in January 2017 by Josh Quarmby with the aim of getting men talking about issues and topics that impact their lives, from mental & physical health through to relationships.
What originally started as a simple blog quickly grew into a unique mix of online & face to face resources for men, including regular events & workshops aimed at providing men with tools & support to enhance their emotional health & wellbeing.
A year on, Blokepedia delivers quality programs & events to communities and businesses that promote & encourage discussion around men’s health & wellbeing.
A fantastic approach that combines expertise in clinical psychology, training facilitation, HR consultation, and community engagement.
Join them this Friday at 10:30 am for a special Father’s Day webinar, where they will be chatting about some of the joys & struggles dads & their partners face during the early stages of parenting, the unexpected stresses/challenges of early fatherhood, what they are, & ways to prepare for them also.
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