Covid19 Testing for Victorian Construction Workers

During these difficult times of isolation, White Owl is proud to continue helping raise awareness of men’s health issues and assisting the Australian Prostate Centre (APC) with their research, treatment and support programs for men’s health issues.

The APC is proud to join forces with their long-standing partner Incolink and the Victorian Government to launch Covid19 testing for Victorian construction workers.

Construction workers will get dedicated mobile testing facilities under a new initiative by Incolink, supported by the State Government, to tackle COVID-19.

APC GPs and nurses will provide the free voluntary tests on the APC bus.

APC CEO Mark Harrison said, “The Australian Prostate Centre (APC) is proud to continue its working relationship with Incolink as part of a unified commitment to support the health and safety of workers in the construction industry.”

More information can be found by visiting our Facebook page or by visiting the APC website.

Testing commenced Wednesday 29 April.

See the bus in action.