Raising Funds Through Donations to White Owl

We are delighted to have West Espresso Brewers assisting us to raise funds by donating as part of our 2020 Father’s Day Online Raffle Draw.

Their delicious 2020 Father’s Day ‘Bake @ Home’ & ‘Ready to Eat’ croissant boxes are now available for pre-order.

Every box sold sends a donation to White Owl!

West Espresso Brewers is a premier and authentic coffee shop that has been proudly serving the Westmeadows area and beyond since 2019, aiming to provide high-quality takeaway specialty coffee.

Thank you, West Espresso Brewers for White Owl & supporting men’s health awareness in 2020.

C’mon everybody, remember that every box sold is a donation to White Owl.

Get those orders in!