Talking To Someone You Are Worried About

Many men are wired to keep their feelings to themselves, to just ‘get on with it’, ‘she’ll be right’.
Men are told, directly and indirectly, time after time, that talking about how they’re feeling is somehow weak or un-manly. This kind of thinking can be really harmful, not just for men themselves, but for the people around them, too.
We know that men get a lot of support and connection by just hanging out and knowing what’s going on with their mates.
Yet, blokes aren’t always too good at starting the conversation to check in if they’re worried about a friend.
And in these uncertain and difficult times of isolation, it feels harder than ever.
Yet, it doesn’t need to be.
Showing our mates that we’re here for them might mean sucking it up and starting the tough conversation, especially if we’re worried about them. It could be the moment you prevent your mate from taking his life, and that’s worth the temporary weirdness you might feel when starting the conversation with them.