Toby VanDerVenne – sweating it out to raise money for Black Dog Institute

Hi There!

2017 is the year I am going to do something I have always wanted to do – run a marathon. Not any marathon, I thought I would sign-up for the The Great Ocean Road Marathon (happens to be 44km instead of 42km, and along the Great Ocean Road – but these are only details!).

I will be sweating it out along the iconic Great Ocean Road with stunning views of the Southern Ocean. And whilst doing it, I thought I would try and raise some money for Black Dog Institute, a charity closely aligned with White-Owl.

White-Owl is a foundation which has been set up by some guys I know following the loss of two of their friends, one of whom was a good mate of mine, in 2015. Both men’s lives were lost due to issues with their health.

Black Dog Institute plays such an important role in advancing awareness of Men’s Mental Health and Wellbeing. We all know how important this is so please donate now by pressing ‘donate‘.

Thanks for your support, and on 21 May at around 10:34am, feel free to have a laugh at my expense as I am mid way through and slugging it out along the Great Ocean Road!

Every little bit helps so please donate now by pressing donate.

Thanks for your support.

Toby  VanDerVenne